Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We ALL have days of self doubt!

I think its normal to have days of self doubt.

If you didn't have them, I'd question your desire and will to go after what you want to achieve in your life.

When I started my online business 5 years ago, just about every day of mine was filled with self doubt. But it also came from family and relationships, people around me that truly didn't feel it was possible to make a good living online.

But I failed to listen to those who detracted from what I wanted and I stayed on course and persistently worked at building an online business.

5 years ago, I would be lucky to make $50.00 a week from my online business. This year, we're on track for over six figures and I was just featured in the "Secrets to Their Success" website.

I don't mention any of this to brag, but to prove that being persistent and keeping your eye on what you're looking to achieve can help harness self doubt.Because self doubt can be paralyzing if you allow it and I think that's why so many people fail to realize their dreams.

What makes people special is the ability to bounce back from days of self doubt and get back on track, going after those things that matter to you (family, fitness, community, etc)

So, on those days of self doubt, realize that it gets better. Focus on what you have accomplished and what you still want to accomplish. Then get back on track and refuse to settle for anything less.

As much as I preach fitness and taking care of your physical self, I truly do believe its just as important as taking care of the "emotional" self. Because constantly giving to others like family, friends, and community can be very draining. I liken it to a bank account. If you keep giving money out to everyone else, soon you're left with nothing for yourself.

So I think its important during the course of the week to find time for yourself and those things you personally like to do, like your workouts, reading, playing an instrument, painting, etc. That way, you can fill yourself back up and be ready to give to others without feeling so wiped.

Bottom line... don't let days of self doubt take away from what you've accomplished and what you still want to accomplish. If you keep moving ahead, being persistent, good things will happen.

The world has a weird way of keeping score. Not all days suck. Not all days are great.

But as long as the good outnumber the day by a pretty large margin, I'd say you're doing well.



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