Saturday, March 25, 2006

Here's Why Your Current Routine Isn't Producing Muscle Gains

You know, I'm sick and tired of hearing people say that you can't build muscle and lose fat at the same time. That's plain bull***t!

The truth is, you can do both at the same time if you follow an intelligent training and nutritional plan. My clients and I are walking, talking examples.

But so many people have such a hard time doing both. It's not their fault, they've just been taught the wrong way. And the truth is, the little-known nutrition and training secrets you'll learn in my program are ones that most people just don't know.

And that leads them to wrongly say you can't build muscle and lose fat at the same time.
Look, losing fat and building muscle isn't rocket science. It's just like following a recipe. Add too much of one thing (sets, reps) or not enough of another (rest, protein) the end result is NOT going to be what you want.

Where many people make their first mistake is with their weight training. Now, you already know that heavy weight training is how you build muscle. But what you may NOT know is, you don't need to train for hours a day, seven days a week like they lead you to believe in the magazines.

The truth is, too much exercise is counter-productive! If you work out too often, you don't give your muscles enough time to recuperate and grow from the workout.

Not only that, in the quest to lose fat, some people start to train lighter and use higher reps. And this is the first step in completely...

Murdering The Muscle Building Process!

Muscle growth is stimulated by overload from weight training. Training with lighter weights will NOT increase your fat loss, it will simply reduce the stimulus for your muscles to grow. Less stimulus means less growth. So DO NOT train with more reps and less weight.

That's why it's important my program shows you the proven rep and set range that stimulates strength and muscle development.

Not only that, your cardio must be done in a proper way. (And it's not what you think!) Most people do their cardio wrong and that's why they lose muscle AND fat.

Doing cardio too often (frequency) or for too long (duration) leaves little recovery between workouts. This can lead to a lack of muscle growth and little change in body fat. Unfortunately many people fall into the mind set of "more is better" and because of it, kill their results.

Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle!

There's a correct way to structure cardio into your workouts so that you increase your metabolism and burn body fat faster -- without any compromise on muscle or strength gains.
The main factors to consider when doing cardio are the time of day, the intensity, and the length of your sessions.

Each one plays an important role in effectively burning body fat, but not at the sacrifice of losing lean muscle tissue. Do any of these wrong and it's a surefire way to stop all muscle growth.

For example, did you know that doing cardio first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, is a sure way to LOSE muscle mass... and not fat!

Don't worry, I'll show you the proven-effective way to set up your cardio to help you get AND stay lean!

If you want to learn it now, go to

And most importantly, your body needs the proper amount of rest, the right amount of calories, and the right types of food to build muscle after training. This proportion of nutrients plays an absolutely critical role in the process of building muscle and losing fat at the same time.

The primary nutrient responsible for building muscle is protein. You need to make sure that you're supplying yourself with quality protein frequently throughout the day. This will give your body the exact muscle building nutrients you need to pack on muscle with a controlled total calorie amount to help you burn fat.

That's why the most important secret is learning how to eat enough calories to build more muscle, but not so many calories that you gain body fat.

Don't worry, my program shows you when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat in order to keep losing fat, while gaining lean muscle. (I also have a formula in my program to help you establish appropriate nutrient totals for your body weight.)

As you can see, building muscle and losing fat are different processes, so you can do both at the same time -- but ONLY if you approach it the right way.

The trick, of course... is finding the right combination, knowing exactly how to set up your weight training, cardio, and nutrition.

Because if you make even the smallest mistakes, you will NOT be able to build muscle while shedding fat.

Do You Make These MistakesWhen Trying To Build Muscle?

Let me clear up some myths for you.

First, I can tell you from personal experience that you're not going to learn the truth about building muscle from some late-nite infomercial selling the latest workout gadget.

Nor will you learn the truth from some slick, air-brushed "before-and-after" supplement ad. I know damn well the big supplement and magazine companies don't want you to discover these secrets.

It's true. Supplement companies would lose millions of dollars if you knew that training and proper eating were the keys to gaining muscle and losing fat. And not supplements.

You know, it amazes me how many people I see throw away hundreds of dollars on supplements each month. But they neglect to learn how to train correctly. Building muscle comes from training, not supplements!

In fact, I rarely take any supplements other than protein, creatine, and glutamine. Instead, I focus more on my training.

Why is that? Because that's how muscle mass gets built! I've learned, through my past mistakes, that you CANNOT make gains without the proper training method.

These Are Insider Secrets The SupplementCompanies Don't Want You To Know

Supplements are just that... they supplement your training. They don't take the place of it.
(By the way, if you invest in my program, I show you exactly what supplements are proven to work. I also show you how and when to take them to get the best possible results.)

But that's not all. You definitely will NOT get the muscle mass you want by copying some "pro" guy's workout routine if he got big by taking thousand of dollars worth of steroids. That's an insane waste of time and energy.

After all, you and I both know they don't get that big from just training and taking supplements.
The routines you see in the muscle mags are written by bodybuilders with steroid-built physiques. And since they use drugs, they DO NOT train like us. The steroids let them train for hours a day and still see results. You and I cannot do that or we'd overtrain.

Believe me, I fell for all of these in the past and burned a ton of time and money.

As you can see, you need trusted advice from someone who has been where you are. Someone who understands your frustration with not making gains and knows what it honestly takes for us natural guys to pack on muscle.

So avoid the mistakes and confusion by following the same training recipe I created and perfected after years of trial and error... a powerful formula for building more muscle and losing more fat.

It's called Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded. It's a step by step muscle building program that's proven to help you build muscle fast.

You can read more about it here...


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