Monday, January 16, 2006

Effectively Building Tricep Muscles

The key to building the tricep muscles is not turning the workout into a marathon. Efficiency and productivity are the keys to building tricep muscles. Actually, those are the keys to building any muscle.

Well-built triceps are essential to upper body strength. Not only that, there's something pretty awesome about a powerful, well-defined pair of triceps busting out of the sleeves of your shirt. Strong tricep muscles are important to building chest mass, since the triceps play such a big part in all chest work.

You need to continually make gains in tricep size and power if you're going to handle the heavier weights that are required for chest training. That's also true for shoulder work. Without strong tricep muscles, you'll have trouble training shoulders with maximum weight and intensity.

When building the tricep muscles, you only need 2 or 3 exercises to get results. You want to pick exercises that not only help you build muscle in that area, but ones that do not put any undue stress on the joints of the elbows.

One of the best exercises for building the tricep muscles is the tricep pushdowns using a cambered bar on the cable machine. Stick with 2 or 3 warm up sets, followed by 2 or 3 heavy sets of tricep pushdowns.

Another great exercise for building the tris are lying tricep extensions with an EZ curl bar. The key to these are to lower the bar a little behind your head, not directly to the forehead. Bringing the bar down to the forehead puts too much stress and strain on the elbows.

Close-grip bench presses are probably my third choice for building the muscles of the triceps. In fact, even if you stuck with these 3 mass builders, your triceps would be ahead of most peoples.

You can also use 1-arm pushdowns on the cable machine as well as 1-arm tricep extensions using a dumbbell and lowering it behind the head. Tricep kickbacks are probably my last choice for building triceps. They don't allow you to use a lot of weight, so the overload capabilities are limited.

Master these tricep exercises and try to use more weight and intensity when doing them. I can assure you, if you do that, you'll start building your tricep muscles faster than anything else you do.

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