Monday, January 02, 2006

Compound Exercises For Building Muscle

Some exercises offer more stimulus for building muscle than others. Compound exercises are some of the best ones to use if you want to build more muscle in less time.

Compound movements use many muscle groups at the same time, which is why they are called compound. They are a combination of 2 or more exercises all rolled into one.

In fact, one compound exercise can work up to 10 muscle groups at once. And the great thing about them is, they allow you to train just about all of your muscle groups in a very short time.

In fact, you could do just 3 compound movements in your workout and complete all of your muscle groups in about 15 minutes. So if you're short for time but you still want to build muscle, you may want to start using these exercises.

Because compound movements are very intense and offer a lot of overload to the muscles, they are very effective at building muscle. And by working several muscle groups at the same time, your body will use more stored calories as fuel, so you'll burn more fat.

Compound movements pull your muscles together to accomplish a lift together, so they strengthen individual muscles and the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Here are some of the forgotten compound exercises you can use to build more muscle in less time at the gym. Remember to start light and get the feel for the exercise before deciding to use more weight.

Power Clean and Press:

This exercise works the shoulders, triceps, chest, back, abs, and legs.

What you do is, place a barbell on the floor in front of you, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend and grab the bar with an overhand grip, hands slightly wider than shoulder width.

Make sure your back is straight and shoulders are not arched forward. With your arms straight and head facing forward, slowly stand only using your leg muscles.

Your arms and back needs to be straight as the bar passes your knees and comes to rest against the front of your thighs. Then, swing the bar upward, bending at the elbows. until the bar is directly in front of your chest.

With your back straight, use your arms and shoulders to press the weight over your head, like you're doing a standing shoulder press. Then, using your ab muscles to keep your lower back tight, slowly lower the weight back to your shoulders, then down to your thighs, and finally to the floor.

The Power Clean and Press is very effective for athletes wanting to increase their explosiveness.

Super Squat::

This works the legs, butt, lower back, biceps, shoulders, triceps, chest, abs, and calves.

Stand up straight with a dumbbell in each hand, feet about shoulder width apart. Palms should be facing your legs.

Keeping your back straight, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Slowly return to the starting position.

Once you're back to standing up straight, curl both dumbbells towards your shoulders, so your palms are facing your shoulders.

Then, turn your palms outward so they face away from you and then press both weights overhead. Slowly lower to your shoulders and turn your wrists so your palms face you again.
Then curl the weights back to your side in the starting position.

Power Lunges

Works the legs, butt, calves, shoulders, back, biceps, and forearms.

Stand with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing your side. Keep feet about shoulder width apart, back straight, and face forward.

Take a step foward with your left foot until your leg forms a 90- degree angle and upper thigh is parallel to the floor. Then reverse the motion by pushing off with your left foot, until your back in the standing position.

Next, bend your elbows slightly and raise your arms out to the side, doing a side lateral raise. Raise them until they are parallel to the floor, palms facing down.

Slowly lower them back down and repeat the lunge again, this time using the right leg.

There you have 3 compound movements you can use to build muscle mass in less time, so if you think you don't have time to hit the gym, guess again!

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