Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Can You Build Muscle While Training At Home?

One question I'm asked a lot is whether or not my programs can be used to build muscle at home. And without a doubt, the answer is yes.

Working out at home can be very effective for building muscle, increasing strength, and losing fat. The truth is, you don't need some fancy gym or high-powered machine to see results.

I know of many championship physiques that were built at home, with nothing more than a set of dumbbells and a utility bench. The key to training at home effectively is, well, actually working out. I know people who have good intentions of lifting at home, but are then easily distracted by the kids, by the need to cook dinner, or by their favorite TV show.

If you're serious about building muscle and getting the body you've always wanted, you can't let anything stand in your way. That's why it's important to establish a set time to work out. Make it an appointment that you must keep. Don't let anything come between you and this time.

Try to set up your home gym away from all distractions. Me, I have a completely separate finished room in the basement to train in. It's away from all the noise and distractions.

Next, all you need to build muscle at home is a good set of dumbbells, in which you can keep adding weights to. Also, a straight barbell would come in handy, so you can do bicep curls, shoulder presses, and back rows. You also want additional free weights you can keep adding to it.

And finally, a good utility bench that you can do presses and other exercises on. Total set up should cost no more than $200, which is less than the cost of a 6-month membership at most gyms. So, not only is the cost minimal, the amount of space you need to store it all is minimal too.

The biggest factors in weight training to build muscle at home are:

1. Making sure you do it when you're supposed to. Set a time each night and stick to it.

2. You need to have enough weights so you can keep adding resistance to what you have. Since you build muscle and gain strength by lifting more weight over time, you must be able to keep adding weight to your equipment. If you can, you're all set to train at home. If not, run down to your local Walmart or other department store and head right to the sporting goods section. Everything you need to build a lean, muscular physique can be had right there, for under $200.

3. Even if you're main goal is to build muscle, I'm sure you don't want to add fat. So you'll have to do cardio. For your cardio, you can either walk or run outdoors. If you have a treadmill, bike, or other cardio equipment at home, you have everything you need to train effectively.

So don't delay working out and getting in shape, just because you can't make it to a gym right now. Bring the gym home to you!

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