Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How To Learn My Simple, Proven Secrets For Gaining Muscle

Well, it's been 2 years since I began publishing my weekly "Change Your Body" email newsletter.

And many subscribers have emailed me to say they've taken the information from it and used it to literally change their lives. Simply by applying the techniques I've revealed in it each week.

I love writing my email newsletter, I really do. I get a lot of joy out of doing it and will continue to publish it. And my subscribers will continue to change their bodies... and their lives by using the information.


I have a lot of things I've been dying to share... but just couldn't.

You see, my online newsletter is read by over 20,000 people. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the fact that so many people read it. And I also love the fact that so many people benefit from the time I put into writing each issue.

But I just can't write as much as I want in it, for several reasons...

One, I make a living as a personal trainer and fitness publisher. If I gave away all my cutting-edge tips in a free newsletter, I wouldn't be in business. People will pay to learn information that saves them time, money, and aggravation.

And since I've learned, by years of my own trial and error, how to gain a ton of muscle and melt off fat, people gladly pay me $100 per hour to teach them how to do it.

But the biggest reason I can't publish everything I want to in this newsletter is because it's impossible to cover everything in a simple email. It would take pages and pages of emails to give you all the information I want to give you.

So I decided to do something different.

I've decided to publish a monthly printed newsletter that reveals the same insider information and powerful techniques I usually only share with my paying personal training clients.

I'll finally have an outlet to talk about things that I've been dying to share (along with many new exciting discoveries I continue to make each week).

And I'm giving you a chance to be one of the first who will become privy to these muscle-building and fat-loss strategies...

Introducing... The Lebrun Fitness Report.


The Lebrun Fitness Report will be a monthly printed newsletter delivered to you in the mail. Yes, that's right, it will be something you can actually hold in your hands. That means you can mark it up, take notes, and get tremendous value out of each and every issue.

This newsletter is going to blow you away. It will be unlike anything you've seen before. Each issue will contain the exact same powerful training secrets and nutrition strategies I use each and every day to pack on muscle and shed fat.

But more importantly, these will be the same tips and techniques that I've used with hundreds of clients in-person and thousands of clients online.

It will contain some of the most important, tested-and-proven fitness information you'd ever had access to. Stuff I've learned from 10-plus years of trial and error.

I'm allowing you, my "Change Your Body" newsletter subscribers, first chance at a special subscription price. The price goes up next week.

So here's your chance to "crawl inside the mind" of a top personal trainer and natural bodybuilder and learn how he transforms physiques, step by step.


All the best in health and life,

Shawn Lebrun


For those of you who took my survey, thanks again for your help. The feedback you gave led to my decision to offer a printed newsletter.

Again, I'm going to make this newsletter unlike anything you've ever seen before. It will contain information that will shortcut your learning curve and speed up your results.

Instead of offering it twice a month, I will print it once a month. I also dropped the price by $20.00 as well.

If my free "Change Your Body" email newsletter has helped you out over the last 2 years, this printed version will literally change your life, I promise.



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